When overseas, you learn more about your own country than you do the place you’re visiting.

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The idea of taxes can be overwhelming, especially when navigating the tax processes in two different countries. While taxes might not be the most thrilling part of your journey, understanding tax implications as an expat is vital.

First things first: As long as you are an American citizen, you will have to interact with American taxes. Depending on the country you are in, you may have to pay taxes there, too, especially if you are working in your host country. That’s called double taxation, and it’s a reality of many expats and immigrants around the world.

There are a number of other considerations around taxes and income, and my advice is usually to see professional help. Before you knock on the door of a tax lawyer, though, be prepared with some information already considered!

  • Tax residency. Knowing where you are considered a tax resident is an integral part of the taxation process. Residency rules can vary based on factors like the number of days spent in a country or your permanent address.
  • Filing deadlines. Each country has its own set of tax filing deadlines. If you are paying taxes annually, quarterly, or on some other schedule, remember that your host country has its own calendar of tax filing dates.
  • Detailed records. Maintain clear records of your income and expenses in both your home and host country. This makes filing taxes smoother and helps you stay organized. Trying to reconstruct your records from the previous year can be extremely stressful and difficult.

Once you have these ideas in mind, then it may be time to visit a tax specialist. You may need more than one, because you are dealing with more than one tax code. Thankfully, there are a growing number of businesses that specialize in expat and immigrant taxes.

You may also be able to find sources for detailed tax newsletters and updates that reflect your US and your host country needs. Your tax advisor should also stay updated on the latest regulations and ensure your tax strategy remains solid during your expat adventures.

You’ll definitely find that making friends and learning about culture differs around the world. While you will have to figure out your own plan for your own finances, check out this book from the Clever Expat Bookshelf. Once you read it, you’ll be MUCH more prepared to make the healthcare decisions necessary for a successful expat experience!

US Taxes For Americans Abroad: The Easy Guide To Saving Money

Vincenzo Villamena and John Hamilton

Description (from publisher): US tax can be complicated. Expats have to navigate an expansive tax code, tax treaties, nuanced reporting obligations, and other unique rules. In addition, you need to make decisions that are 100% legal and optimal in the long-term. In short, tax as an American abroad is overwhelming. As expat entrepreneurs themselves, Vincenzo Villamena and John Hamilton, CPAs at Online Taxman, know firsthand that being a US taxpayer abroad is far from simple.
Formats: Softcover, Kindle

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