Designing your Expat Preview Trip

Unveiling the Realities of Expat Living: A Five-Day Email Course to Plan Your Insightful Preview Trip 

Embarking on an expat journey is an exciting yet daunting endeavor. Before making the life-altering decision to relocate, many individuals consider taking a preview trip to gain firsthand insights into their potential new home. This five-day email course is designed to guide you through the process of planning a meaningful preview trip, empowering you to make informed choices and reduce the uncertainties of expat life. 

Day 1: Delving into Living Conditions and Daily Life

Immerse yourself in the realities of daily life by exploring neighborhoods, housing options, and the local cost of living. We’ll provide strategies for navigating public transportation, accessing essential services, and understanding cultural norms. You’ll learn how to assess the suitability of living conditions for your lifestyle and budget. 

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Expat himself – Dr. Wells’ insight is a tremendous guide

The information Dr. Wells provides is very helpful and informative. Being an expat himself, his firsthand experience and knowledge is super beneficial. I look forward to hearing more from him! I have known Dr. Wells for many years and have seen and heard what roadblocks and challenges he has had (and continues to have) to jump over, go through and stumble through!! Therefore, his insight is a tremendous guide for future expats.

Sharon B.

World Traveler and Future Expat

Day 2: Gathering Information about Residence Locations and Services 

Identify suitable residence locations based on your preferences, whether it’s proximity to amenities, access to green spaces, or a vibrant community atmosphere. We’ll guide you through researching schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational options in your potential neighborhoods. You’ll learn how to gather information about local services and ensure they align with your needs. 

Day 3: Acquiring Advanced Knowledge of the New Environment 

Gain a deeper understanding of the local culture, customs, and language barriers. We’ll provide resources for exploring the history, traditions, and social etiquette of your potential new home. You’ll learn how to navigate cultural differences, communicate effectively, and integrate into the local community. 

Day 4: Reducing Moving Stress and Making Connections 

Minimize the stress of relocation by planning and organizing your move effectively. We’ll provide tips on downsizing possessions, securing reliable transportation, and arranging necessary paperwork. You’ll learn how to connect with expat communities, seek local recommendations, and establish a support network before the move. 

Day 5: Consolidating Expectations and Making Informed Decisions 

Reflect on your preview trip experiences and consolidate your expectations about your new home. We’ll guide you through evaluating the suitability of the location, assessing your adaptability to the new environment, and identifying potential challenges. You’ll learn how to make informed decisions about your expat journey, ensuring it aligns with your personal aspirations and long-term goals. 

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